Merrick Fresh Kisses Dog Dental Treats With Mint Breath Strips Dog Treats for Toy Breeds

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by Merrick
Type: Treats
Close cuddles and sweet smooches with your Best Dog Ever just got better with new Merrick Fresh Kisses, an innovative natural dental treat designed not only to clean dog’s teeth, but to freshen breath at the same time. While many dental treats effectively reduce plaque and tartar, until now limited options have been available to also freshen breath. Merrick Fresh Kisses do both. The dental treats feature a double-brush design to clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar during the chewing action of the treat. The treats also are made with natural ingredients specially formulated to freshen breath. Merrick Fresh Kisses are the only dental treat to be both grain-free and potato-free. They are made with all-natural ingredients. Naturally Freshens Breath & Cleans Teeth, Unique Double Brush Design, Features Dissolvable Breath Strips.

Guaranteed Analysis

Units Nutrient
14% min Crude Protein
0.5% min Crude Fat
1.5% max Crude Fiber
13% max Moisture