Earth Friendly Pickup Bags w/Park Pouch Holder

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Park Pouch Holder made in USA from post-consumer recycled materials. Sustainable & biodegradable, made from corn & plant starches.12 bags per roll, 6 rolls per pack

Why We Love It

  • Sturdy bags
  • Sustainable
  • Supports small manufacturer

    About Cycle Dog

    Cycle Dog is a small manufacturer in Portland, Oregon.  Woman founded in 2009, Cycle Dog started by up-cycling inner tube rubber into our iconic no-stink collars. Since then, our small team of 30 makers and 10 dogs have saved millions of tubes from becoming landfill waste. Our team produces collars, leashes, bowls, toys, beds, jackets, and rubber toys in Oregon, all utilizing post-consumer recycled materials. We love what we do each day and we hope that shows in the high quality, earth-friendly products we produce.