I and Love and You Hair Meow't Hearties Grain Free Cat Treats

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Type: Treats
We’re not sure what kinda shenanigans your cat gets into, but we believe they deserve a lucious and healthy coat at all times. So “hair meow’t:” these little salmon cat treats are packed with omegas 3 & 6, flaxseed, and fish oils to give your ride or die healthier skin and a shinier coat. Also, at only three calories a pop, we help keep those LBs from stacking up. Why not be your pet’s hero and grab a bag (or 6)?

Why We Love It

  • Salmon is #1 Ingredient - Since the dawn of time, cats have loved their protein—so that’s why this dish is packed with delicious, soft and chewy bites of the good stuff: sustainably-sourced salmon.
  • Omega 3 & 6 Oils for Healthy Skin and Coat - Even your pet needs to moisturize. These fatty acids help reduce shedding, prevent flaky dandruff, and minimize itchiness.
  • Prebiotics for Easy Digestion -Nature’s mighty little biotics work hard to ensure your pet’s gut is in tiptop shape.
  • Grain-Free - Absolutely no corn, wheat, rice, soy, or oats in sight. We don’t pack your pet’s food with grains just to help us save a buck or two.
  • Filler-Free - Unlike other brands, we don’t use ingredients like rice or corn to bulk out your pet’s food because we know there’s little nutritional value and it can contribute to obesity and lethargy.
  • Flavor Variety - Keep snacktime interesting by rotating in new and exciting flavors. Your cat will appreciate it—even though they don’t have the words to tell ya.

Guaranteed Analysis

Units Nutrient
19% min Crude Protein
13% min Crude Fat
5% max Crude Fiber
24% max Moisture
2.50% min Linoleic Acid
300 mg/kg min Zinc
40,000 IU/kg min Vitamin A
300 IU/kg min Vitamin E
300 mg/kg min Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
1.5% min Omega-3 Fatty Acids