Friskies Tender and Crunchy Combo Dry Cat Food

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Type: Food
Get your cat purring at mealtime with the tempting texture combination found in Purina Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo dry cat food. Meaty tenders and crunchy bits give her more to love in every bite, and the pleasing shapes get her excited to nibble her way to a happy belly. Real chicken lets you feel good about giving your cat a high-quality meal, and the combination of chicken, beef and turkey flavors accented with garden veggies delivers the taste cats crave. Featuring a formula that offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all stages of life, this dry cat food follows her from her playful kitten days all the way through to her adventurous adult years. Let her come running as she hears the sound of the delectable morsels filling her bowl, and watch as she delights in every bite. With so much yummy goodness, this dry cat food satisfies her hunger and shows her how much you care. Make mealtime an adventure for your cat's palate when you offer up Purina Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo dry cat food. The combination of crunchy and tender bites invites her to happily finish every last morsel, and the sensational flavor combination pleases her palate. The fun shapes give her a visual cue that delicious goodness is right around the corner, and the essential vitamins and minerals in every serving let you feel good about filling her dish. Make this recipe part of your cat's daily mealtime routine, and rotate between dry and wet foods by letting your cat explore our Purina Friskies Cat Concoctions wet cat foods to give her a delightful array of tempting flavor combinations. As a pet owner, you want to make sure your cat gets the nourishment she needs along with the tastes she loves. That's why we formulate this recipe to meet or exceed industry standards for cat food, and we make quality the number one ingredient in every wet and dry cat food we produce. This delicious wet cat food is proudly manufactured in our U.S. facilities, so you can rest easy knowing exactly where your cat's meals come from. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality and safety checks to provide you with added peace of mind every time you offer up a helping of this cat food, and we track every ingredient throughout each step in the production process to ensure your cat gets food that's safe, nutritious and tasty. Sustainability is a core concept at Purina, and we work towards our commitment to the environment by seeking out eco-friendly packaging options and responsibly sourced ingredients whenever possible. Fill her dish with Purina Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo dry cat food, and show your cat just how much you love and adore her.

Guaranteed Analysis

Units Nutrient
30.0% min Crude Protein
11.0% min Crude Fat
3.0% max Crude Fiber
12.0% max Moisture
1.2% min Linoleic Acid
0.03% min Arachidonic Acid
1.0% min Calcium
0.8% min Phosphorus
0.3 mg/kg min Selenium
10,000 IU/kg min Vitamin A
100 IU/kg min Vitamin E
0.12% min Taurine